white wedding cake with green foliage

Our bride, Candice, talks about buying her wedding cake.

Currently, we are looking for someone to make our wedding cake. We first went to a well-established company that is in Ian’s home town. Their shop looked very professional and had many impressive looking cakes and baked goods on display. Their cake look-book was massive and it seemed like they could create any type of cake that we wanted! While that was very exciting, the cakes that we sampled that day were….average, at best! While they would have served their purpose on the day, we wanted a cake that was better than just ok. Especially since I’m anticipating (hoping for) lots of cake to be left over after the wedding! So our search continued.

One Saturday night, Ian and I decide to have fish and chips from our local take-a-way and while I was waiting for our order to be put together, I saw a stack of flyers for a local wedding cake baker. She worked out of her home, which was a 5-minute drive from ours, and had won several awards for her wedding cakes! I couldn’t help but think that this was meant to be! Me finding her flyer on a random Saturday night at a place that has nothing to do with weddings! I sent her an email the next day to arrange a consultation but as this was around the lead up to Christmas, she wasn’t available for another few weeks! I tried not to become overwhelmed by that wedding anxiety that creeps in whenever something doesn’t work out the way you thought it would. When we did get to meet with her a few weeks later, it turned out that I had nothing to worry about. She was available for our wedding date, she completely understood our vision for the wedding cake and her sample cupcakes were incredible. She quoted an amazing price which included cake topper figurines of me, Ian and our cat, Kingston.

I love planning. I have lists for everything! That’s why I thought that wedding planning would be a breeze for me! I can hear the former brides and wedding planners laughing at me now… Was I ever wrong! There is SO much to do! Sometimes I wish I could just quit my job and spend my days focussing on all things wedding. Then I remember that I need a job in order to pay for the wedding so that dream floats away. But I am beyond pleased with our choice of wedding cake and am so happy to tick another item off of the wedding list!

On to the next thing!

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