wedding canapés being served at a wedding

Our 2019 bride, Lauren, tells us more about her experience searching for their wedding caterer.

This month we have been focusing on possibly one of the most important jobs on our to do list – wedding catering! Jake and I both love our food, so we knew we needed to give this one a lot of thought. This month I wanted to share our experiences and a little update on where we’re up to with finalising our catering plans.

Whether your food is included in the cost of your venue, or you need to hire external caterers, the food will most likely be one of the most expensive parts of a wedding. If we’re honest, we didn’t really have an idea of how much the catering would cost before we booked our wedding.  We definitely had a little shock when initial prices came through! I don’t think the cost would have put us off altogether, but we would have definitely been more prepared if we had done our research properly beforehand! However, after discussing with different caters and actually doing some more research, we realised that most caterers can cater to a specific budget and your needs (as long as they are realistic!)

Using the venue’s recommend caterer?

At Kelmarsh Hall, we have a choice of 3 recommended wedding caterers, all with exceptional menu choices.. can we have it all please?! We are also able to book with other external caterers so we have plenty (if not too many!) of options to choose from. After all, we do need to make sure we have a banquet fit for a stunning venue like Kelmarsh Hall!

Having recommended wedding caterers really does help and narrow down your choices. But if you are struggling to find a caterer, I would recommend searching on the Silverlinings website where you’ll find an endless amount of local suppliers. It might also be helpful to put an advert or request on websites such as Add to Event. Suppliers will come to you with quotes if they are able to provide what you need. If you like what they’re offering just arrange an appointment with them to discuss further.

I found both of these help to narrow down a Google search, not only for caterers, but for any suppliers! Especially if you are looking for something in particular with a specific budget.


Once we had sent our enquiry e-mails to each caterer, we quickly received menu options, quotes and other information back quite quickly. Next we just had to whittle it down and decide! I’m sure most of you know that caterers will likely offer tasting sessions before you make your final decision, but just make sure to ask if there is any cost involved for the tasting!

We have two or three caterers in mind, including two of Kelmarsh Hall’s recommended and also one other external caterer. So our next step is to book our tasting sessions, and make sure we have all the questions ready that we need to ask. Our first tasting session is on the first week of July and we can’t wait! We could be having a little taster of our actual wedding breakfast!

Hopefully we’ll be able to update you all shortly on our chosen caterer, but in the meantime we’ll be enjoying our tasting sessions before making a final decision!