happy couple just got engaged

Every month we’ll be reading about Candice and Ian’s wedding planning journey…

Ian and I have been together for about 3 and a half years. We met the way quite a few of my friends have met their partners these days…online. I was living in London when we met and he was commuting to London for work from Northamptonshire. Eventually, we bought a house out in Northamptonshire, adopted a cat and all that was left was putting a ring on my left ring finger! I waited and I waited…not so patiently at times and then FINALLY, Ian got down on one knee and asked me to marry him while we were on a trip to Jamaica. It was on a beach, at sunset underneath palm tree and very romantic! By the next morning, I had already download several wedding planning apps and created MANY Pinterest boards related to all things wedding. Clearly, I was a little excited!

It has been a few months since then, and because I wanted to have a wedding next summer it has been full steam ahead! Our venue was the first thing to get booked as so many places were already booked up from May to September! Because of this, we are having a wedding on a Thursday! That has worked out to be cheaper for us ad because I’m a teacher with the summer off of work, the actually day of the week didn’t matter to me at all! Also, my family and many friends are mostly in Canada so the day of the week didn’t matter to them either. It was a little bit trickier for my fiancé’s family and friends but they all came around to the idea of a Thursday wedding in the end. Let’s just hope they all turn up!

Ian’s vision for a venue was something in the English countryside with beautiful views of green grass and farmland. My dream was to have the all the swag and draping that you can have in a really glam marquee. Our chosen venue, Crockwell Farm, has an amazing combination of the two. It is a working farm secluded away in the English country side with a marquee inside of a converted barn. I think it is one of the only venues with chandeliers inside of a barn! We fell in love as soon as we saw it. Now it’s time to put all of my Pinterest boards to good use!

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