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white wedding cake with green foliage

Choosing our wedding cake!

Our bride, Candice, talks about buying her wedding cake. Currently, we are looking for someone to make our wedding cake. We first went to a well-established company that is in Ian’s home town. Their shop looked very professional and had many impressive looking cakes and baked goods on display. Their cake look-book was massive and […]

lyveden new bield wedding venue photo shoot

Behind the scenes at the Lyveden New Bield photo shoot

The venue definitely inspired the shoot; we wanted to show off how beautiful and different it is and to show the potential of the location. Though the building itself is stunning, the wildflower meadow that runs on either side of the Bield really sold it for me, it gave me a really good range of locations to get some contrasting shots and to show that there is so much opportunity for photographs.

happy couple just got engaged

Meet our bride to be!

Ian and I have been together for about 3 and a half years. We met the way quite a few of my friends have met their partners these days…online. I was living in London when we met and he was commuting to London for work from Northamptonshire. Eventually, we bought a house out in Northamptonshire, adopted a cat and all that was left was putting a ring on my left ring finger!