wedding day - Bride and groom among snowy landscape.

As I sit here watching the snow and blizzard outside my living room window, it has prompted me to talk about the British Weather, the bane of every bride (and wedding planner)! When it comes to wedding planning I’m a realist and am very aware that the sun will not shine on every wedding (speaking only literally, of course!). Planning for rain or snow on your wedding day is an important part of any wedding planning!

Firstly, if you REALLY don’t want rain on your wedding day, May and June are your safest bets. Even though July and August are the considered as ‘peak’ months for any wedding venue or wedding supplier, these are traditionally the wettest months of the year, so stay clear if you want to sip Champagne on the beautiful lawns and play garden games well into the night.

If you want a snowy wedding scene, then take advantage of the ‘off peak’ costs of getting married in January or February. What could be more romantic than a snowy Valentine’s wedding, with log fires and mulled wine?

Remember your guests are at your wedding because they want to support you both and celebrate with you, and their day will not be spoilt by a little bit of rain!

Speak to your photographer and use any of the inclement weather to your advantage. Some of my favourite wedding photographs are of a couple having fun in the rain or the snow! Photographers love skies with dark stormy skies for fantastic lighting. Be prepared with white or clear umbrellas, including them for your guests too. Plus white wellies for the you and your bridesmaids (unashamedly going to plug our sister company, Wet Weddings).

Make sure you read the T&Cs of all your wedding suppliers, and most importantly your wedding venue. If you are marrying in the winter months, ask about a snow plan and what their cancellation policy is. If your venue sits on a stunning riverside and your wedding is in August, what happens if it floods? The autumn is our time of storms, so what will happen if your magical woodland wedding is reduced to kindling?

Don’t let the weather ruin your day by planning the day to be reliant on wall to wall sunshine. It will give you added pressure in the run up (and sleepless nights!) and reduce the enjoyment of the final planning stage.

Most importantly, enjoy the day no matter the weather!