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Our 2019 bride, Lauren, tells us more about her experience choosing her wedding dress.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thinking about my dream wedding dress ever since Jake and I got engaged (if not before!) but I didn’t think I would be able to come to a decision quite so easily. Quite a while ago now, I made the biggest decision every bride has to make… I said yes to the dress!

This month I thought I would reflect on my dress shopping journey and share my experiences and advice when it comes to finding the perfect wedding dress – after all, it is one of the most important outfit choices you’ll ever have to make.

Like any bride, I started with various bridal magazines and Pinterest for inspiration. It’s a great start to look for the newest trends, something a little bit different or quirky. You’ll also come across a variety of wedding dress designers you never knew existed! This was where I came across a designer called Hayley Paige, who has the most Instagram worthy wedding dresses I have ever seen! Being an American designer, I never thought I would be able to even try on a Hayley Paige wedding dress but as it turns out there are quite a few stockists dotted around the UK.

Fairytale Weddings

My dress shopping journey began when I met Daisy from Fairytale Weddings at a Kelmarsh Hall wedding fair. Fairytale Weddings is a lovely bridal boutique located in Towcester who, much to my excitement, stocks Hayley Paige wedding dresses! Although our wedding was well over a year away, I booked an appointment for a Hayley Paige trunk show weekend.

If you are after a specific designer/dress, it is worth researching any upcoming trunk shows, especially as there may be a discount on any purchases made that weekend. It may also be your chance to try on certain wedding dresses that aren’t stocked all the time. I was able to send over some styles that I was interested in trying on – even my dream Pinterest dress!

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience for my first time wedding dress shopping. Of course, I wasn’t going to complain after being greeted with a glass of Bucks Fizz and macarons! The overall atmosphere of the lovely boutique also made me feel at ease and made what could have been an overwhelming experience very relaxed and easy. I already had a fairly good idea of the sort of dress I wanted, so I pulled out 5 or 6 dresses that I liked the look of and then went off to try on in my very own private dressing room. The dresses were a mix of different styles, shades and levels of sparkle! I only took a few people with me, as I didn’t want too many opinions in one room and I knew I could count on the ladies at Fairytale Weddings for an honest opinion.

Finding the one…

Surprisingly, this was a very easy decision to make. I’m not a particularly picky person, but I didn’t think I would be able to come to a decision quite so easily! But as soon as I put on the first dress, I knew that I absolutely loved it and it would be extremely unlikely that another dress would top it. Of course, I tried on the other dresses I had picked out but I was already smitten!

I was imagining the pictures of the dress combined with the colours and décor of Kelmarsh Hall, and it gave me that feeling that everybody talks about when you find the dress! To be honest, a part of me felt apprehensive and even a little embarrassed about rushing into the decision too soon, but I just knew that I would compare every dress against this one. Plus, I didn’t want to overwhelm myself by trying on hundreds of dresses and overcomplicating things. My advice? If you love the dress, just go for it and don’t even worry about what other people might think. Also value the opinion of the boutique owners… they are the experts after all! Daisy instantly put my mind at ease and helped to make the decision even easier.

For those wondering how I’m not tempted to look at or try other dresses, I’ve been back to Fairytale Weddings a couple of times to try my dress on again and have even chosen my veil! I love it more and more each time I try it on, and I can’t wait until the big day when I actually get to wear it! Of course none of the dresses in the picture are ‘the dress’, but I thought I would share a little snapshot of the beautiful dresses available at Fairytale Weddings… I cannot recommend them enough!