wedding dj - first dance at a wedding

Our bride, Candice, talks about trying to find a wedding DJ with karaoke.

Ian and I decided early on in the planning process that we wanted to have a wedding DJ as opposed to a band. We both really like music from the 80s and know exactly which songs we want played at our wedding and which ones we do not. Creating a wedding music playlist has been incredibly enjoyable for both of us. Almost daily, one of us will mention a new song that we have added to the playlist with almost a child-like excitement! So clearly, the DJ search is really important.

I was shocked at the number of mobile DJ companies that are in Northamptonshire alone! I struggled with figuring out how to choose one! So, I started with a Google search. I went on many websites and sent emails to the sites that I liked the look of. All of the companies were really prompt with their responses and the range in prices wasn’t too drastic! So then again I thought to myself, “How do I choose?” A few things helped with making the decision. One afternoon, I received a text message from Ian saying that he wanted to have a karaoke machine at the wedding…yes, karaoke! I was taken aback because he never mentioned wanting to have karaoke at the wedding before. And we have never even spoken about let along been to karaoke together…ever! Ian has done it a few times in the past and thought that it would be fun for our guests. I am not anti-karaoke and I had to admit that it did sound fun for our guests so I said ok.

This required another Google search to find companies that hired out karaoke machines. Ian suggested that I contact some of the mobile wedding DJ companies to see if that was something they could provide. As luck would have it, one company in particular did have a karaoke machine that they hire out for weddings. They also had large garden games which was an idea Ian and I were considering for the wedding. Upon emailing, they gave us a username and password so that we could have a look at the area where we could search for songs that they have and create an official wedding playlist! All of these things together told us that Big Bopper Entertainment was the company that we needed to hire! It is still early in the process but so far they seem great and we are really looking forward to having them play at our wedding and getting down on the dance floor to our well-thought out playlist!

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