Wedding fair fun with Photo Booth fun

Our 2019 bride, Lauren, tells us more about her experience at local wedding fairs and finding their photographer

Like most newly engaged couples, we had absolutely no idea where to start with planning a wedding. Pinterest boards and bridal magazines are a great starting point for inspiration, but where do you even begin with making your dream wedding a reality?!

If you’re really not sure where to start, I would definitely recommend checking out as many local wedding fairs as you can. Not only do they make a lovely afternoon out with your ‘bride squad’, wedding fairs provide the opportunity to meet endless amount of suppliers. Whether you’re looking for florists, photographers, DJ’s and entertainment or bridal boutiques (and everything else in between!) you’ll be sure to find what you need.

Although wedding fairs can be slightly daunting and overwhelming at first, you’ll quickly find that everyone is so friendly and always willing to help. So just relax, and let the Prosecco and conversations flow! Then when you come to look back over the leaflets you’ve collected, there will definitely be one or two people that you remember speaking to. It makes your decision making so much easier! It’s also handy to remember that some suppliers tend to offer special deals or discounts for couples who attend wedding fairs. We all know how the wedding budget can quickly get out of hand, so make sure you’re not missing out on a great deal.

Complimentary Prosecco and delicious wedding cake samples aside, wedding fairs provide a great opportunity to meet and build a relationship upfront with your potential suppliers which I found incredibly helpful. Although the Prosecco and cake is definitely an added bonus! Not forgetting the endless amounts of fun you can have trying out the photo booths!

Finding our photographer

After speaking to a number of different photographers, we decided this would be the next job on our wedding ‘to do’ list. Great photographers can get booked up pretty quickly! We had to whittle down a very long list of potential photographers! But it really helped that we were able to get an idea of costs and the different packages available after meeting them at the fairs.

One photographer that stood out to us was Nick from Luminex Photography – he was chatty, friendly and made us feel at ease from the start. We received an e-mail from Nick following a wedding fair back in November last year when we initially met him. Although we replied to that e-mail around 4 months later, Nick still remembered who we were! Nick confirmed that he was still available, and that all information in the original e-mail was still valid. We were so relieved!

It was also good to know that there’s not always a huge amount of pressure to book someone straight away after a wedding fair, but it’s always handy to keep checking in with your favoured suppliers just to make sure!

We will definitely continue to be a regulars at our local wedding fairs. After all, we only have around 1 year and 5 months to make the most of being engaged! I’ll be sure to keep sharing our experiences, hints and tips! I’m looking forward to ticking another job off the wedding ‘to do’ list!

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